Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome! Pineapples are a show of Hospitality!!

pineapples have long been a symbol of hospitality.  the display of pineapples, often seen in architecture and design, is a way to tell your guests "welcome"!
I have always loved this symbol and have them throughout our home.  as well, my husband and I decided to use the pineapple motif on our wedding invitations {which we collaborated on and designed ourselves} as a welcoming gesture to our guests, but, also, because we think they are beautiful and regal and represent where we're coming from since we live in a tropical place.  so, we thought a pineapple would be perfect. ☺

back to our home, though...  as I was gathering photos for this post I thought to myself, we actually have a lot more pineapples around than I realized {we even have slightly more than what I have pictured here}.  they must be discreet, though, because no one has ever come to my house and said, "hey, I see that you collect pineapples" as they do with other items we have a lot of... interesting, huh?  anyway, here they are!:

on the tea towel on our bar cart and as part of a flower arrangement {in the 1st photo}:

here they are in the flower arrangement again...

this is actually a candle.  it's on a sconce in our hallway:

...we have 2 of these candles; the other one is on our mantle:

right outside our home!:

this is a finial that I painted and screwed into an old lamp base, I liked both pieces better this way ;)

here it is unpainted:

it's the base of a lovely marble top side table- too bad you can't actually see how beautiful the marble is in these photos:

this is a pineapple lamp that I made, you can see how I did it here

and here's the proof of our invites!


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