Monday, February 24, 2014

Pineapple Lamp Project

LOVE Pineapple Decor, have for a while now.  first we considered getting a pineapple chandelier.  we thought it would be perfect for our south florida home.  
pineapples are tropical and regal at the same time.
we ended up with a shell chandelier, which was always another coveted favorite {tutorial on how i restored one coming soon}.
so back to pineapples...  always loved pineapple lamps, too.  so, since, we didn't get the chandelier, thought that a lamp would be perfect.  this is how we did it:

1st we got some cool old wood-carved pineapples from Paula Roemer, Inc.

then we thought we'd upcycle an old trophy base {from a golf trophy we had taken apart} and use that as the lamp base.

*definitely* wanted to reuse the monogrammed lampshade i had made- remember this project?

this is the drill + bit my hubs used to drill a hole down the middle of the pineapple

so here's our whole 'project suite', or at least the one we originally had planned.  {we decided to reuse the lamp parts from the original, above-mentioned lamp as well.} this was the result...

...but my husband suggested that the lamp base from our original lamp might look better, too...  so we tried that since i was not 100% happy with the 1st result.  

we both liked it better, don't you?  feel free to comment below! 

lastly, i 'painted' it a distressed white finish using a rag instead of a brush and clean white latex paint.  it took some rubbing on and off until i was finally satisfied with the results on all sides and from every angle. 

thanks for stopping by!  if you make one, i'd love to see yours, too!!

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