Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Care Bears Original Artwork for your Home!

yay! my original care bears collaged switch plate is featured in this super cute collection, curated by gogogorobot


Northwood Village Art & Wine Promenade

thanks so much to those who attended the Northwood Village Art & Wine Promenade last Friday, February 24, 2012 and for helping to make it so fun and successful for us!  can't wait to see you all on Friday, March 30!!
for updated info on this event {which is the last friday of each month}, you can always check my page the week of at:  sharonna misha events

Retro Indie Market 2012

thanks to all who came out to the Retro Indie Market 2012 on Saturday, February 11, 2012 and, especially, to those who made it such a wild success for 'johnny's girl' vintage- i literally did not sit down once {and i'm not complaining!}!
funny how heels don't hurt your feet when you're busy selling!!

...and for all those who told me that mine was your favorite booth, a special thanks to you for your sweet and kind words that are always so appreciated and encouraging~  xosm

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reagan on up all night...

if anyone knows where reagan got the jacket she was wearing at the airport on tonight's episode, could you please let me know?!  i need it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

before + after w. card pulls!

navy is my new gray

gray was my new black but that was fleeting-  less than 6 months later, navy became my new black and there it stayed.

maybe because gray has been too overdone.  very likely because gray is neither here nor there and i need more powerful colors- black, white, pale pink... and i still love charcoal.  that's the best shade of gray.  it makes a beautiful, sophisticated impact.  so much to say about charcoal...  for more, see our charcoal bedroom here:  My color of the moment is Gray

but, anyway, back to navy:  navy is timeless, classic, elegant, nautical- so it still works here in south florida, preppy, masculine- in an elegant way for femmes too! -in a truman/roosevelt/hemingway kind of way...
we painted our bathroom navy with bright white crown moulding, and a dark wood 'medicine cabinet'- it wasn't really supposed to be a medicine cabinet, we repurposed it and it worked beautifully.  just the other day, my husband said to me, 'that's still one of my favorite of our finds.' 
i haven't photographed the WC yet because it still isn't finished- we have yet to find and add a strip of dentil moulding below the crown {harder to find than we expected!}- but, when we do, ill be sure to post pics right away!!
in the meantime, i only have a photo of another one of our cool, old finds that we've hung in there: