about sharonna

i am passionate about home decor & haute couture
historic architecture
classic, preppy, timeless style
and palm beach culture

horseshoes and equestrian influence
anchors & (almost) all things nautical...

coastal living
...china and linens and big, open-faced pink roses
 british colonial style
...inspirations from the west indies.

dame elizabeth taylor
john f. kennedy jr.
gone with the wind
yes, of course, sex and the city.
pinup girls of the 1940s
{authentic} 'rockabillia'
& marie antoinette.
decadence.  cupcakes. cheesecake. pink or white cake. icing. pink. white. 

femininity and grace.
juxtaposed with masculine decor.
Class...I'm big on Manners!

love navy + white
black + white
peach + coral + salmon 
+ charcoal gray
dusty, powdery palettes.
and, of course, my love for Johnny.

Skills and Techniques:
i am mostly a stay-at-home artist/proprietress of my many on-line sites where i sell my various collections.
i have many passions, and from them stem different lines of my business, i am literally all over the place:

i am a collage artist.  my artwork is green and consists of mostly recycled materials!
to view some of my works, please visit:
sharonnamisha.com where you will find a sampling of my original artwork which i am very proud of.
i spent years on the road, traveling coast to coast, over and again, living in hotels- i slept in a different hotel, in a different town, almost every night.
i shopped and showed at virtually every type of venue from the elite-most showrooms in paris to "shakedown street" on grateful dead lot.
never, ever have i seen anyone who does quite the same thing i do. 
if you'd like to view a more extensive collection of my artwork, please browse my albums on: facebook
{please give us a quick like, we really appreciate it!}
if you're looking for something special and you don't see it, just ask!

another thing i love is buying, making, and selling jewelry & accessories so you will find many pieces that i've made, upcycled or collected.
many of these pieces can be found on:  sharonna on etsy

i have crossed my passion for fashion and my love for vintage and have branched out into selling a collection of vintage apparel and home accessories.  you will see some of these scattered throughout all of my sites.  
think that's a lot?  there's more...  like most things in my life, my passions evolved into yet another branch of my business and i am now an interior consultant as well.  it started out with neighbors asking if they can hire me to help them design and decorate spaces or just give my opinion and help them make good design decisions!  now i'm doing that for friends i've never actually met online as well!!  i LOVE it.  you'll see a lot of what i've designed in our own home/studio in this blog...  for more: sharonna on pinterest 

i know that's a lot- imagine how i feel!
amidst all this, i try to find as much time as possible to do some charity benefits and a few other shows whenever i can...  if you know of one in the palm beach area, feel free to let me know about it!!

be sure to 'like' my sharonna misha designs page so that you're always updated on my latest designs.  and,  if you're in the palm beach area, you'll be the first to know when i'm having a show or doing an event as i always post them there- don't forget to stop by and say hello!

thank you so much for browsing my pages. my business means everything to me and i really appreciate it when others take an interest in what i work so very hard at~

...feel free to let me know what you think, anytime ☺