Monday, April 14, 2014

Best Pick EVER!!!

as many of you know, my husband and I go picking every single saturday morning to hunt for hidden, forgotten, and buried treasures...
when we're lucky we find killer deals and can pass on the savings on my website and this one where everything is under $10.{!}

but this past saturday was the BEST PICK EVER!!!!!
i'm still reeling from the day but i wanted to share our finds with you fellow pickers!

so 1st of all, check out all of the tiffany i scored!!:

...with their original pouches even!!  got them for a song.

she actually felt bad that she didn't have the boxes so she threw in a jewelry box she wanted rid of - it'll make a nice box to put a gift in as it's nice and clean on the inside - and a barrette {i've been needing a barrette like this so it's already 'in use'}!

so, here's the whole lot:

one of my BEST finds of the day- this topiary.  i've actually been wanted this for a very, very long time, my only regret is that he didn't have 2 of them.  it is nice and tall, too- approx. 65"!!
isn't she lovely?

we collect these bamboo folding chairs, they're the chairs we use for extra seating indoors and out and they're also my favorite style of folding chairs... this one was just $5.

we scored some limoges serving pieces- a lucky find for 2 reasons:
1. they match some of our existing limoges pieces
2. we can always use more serving pieces so this is an even better find than, say, finding the plates would have been!
a dollar.
here are the 2 pieces together:
{p.s. that's 22 karat gold on there ;) }

a tuscan fine english bone china 'Happy Anniversary' Cup and Saucer - very specific, but a sweet gift to have on reserve:

i paid a dollar for this platter that also matches some pieces that we already have- i plan to make a cake platter out of it...

...and we got some matching throw-ins!
{a dessert plate and divided bowl}

here are my husband's finds:
a back-up portable amp that he says actually sounds better than the one he already had!

this jig saw that we've both been wanting.  i've read other DIYer's blogs and seen not only where this has really come in handy, but projects that you can't do without one, so i've been wanting him to get one!  no more having to borrow from our neighbor ☺

some other cool vintage tools:

*then*, we got some other throw-ins throughout the day...  this cool vintage enamel colander and ladle are actually pieces that i've been wanting to get for back-ups lately- it's like i willed them and they fell in my lap:

a vintage cabbage patch twin sheet that i'll probably list shortly...

and a my little pony collectors case that a thrift store didn't want!  it's in near mint condition and so cute- just need to decide if i want to keep it as storage {for what though?} or sell it to a real collector...

so good.  i've dubbed it the 'epic pick'.
how was your weekend?- did you have an epic pick day?  a banner weekend?  what did you score?
send pics!

happy passover!!

xoxo, sharonna misha designs and johnny's girl {ultra}vintage