home decor

everyone's house (or vacation home) looks better with handmade, one-of-a-kind light switch plates!
they're art & they're functional and best of all, they're green!!
they also make PERFECT Hostess, Housewarming & 'any occasion' Gifts since there's a theme for everyone, can be customized to say your favorite place, vacation spot, or hometown:

marilyn monroe

bettie page

audrey hepburn
betty boop

alice in wonderland
hello kitty 
bob marley- rasta 


...if you collect a certain something, or decorate in a specific theme, and don't see it here...  i now have over 200 designs, i haven't had a chance to list them all yet, but check out this link to view more:
if there's a theme you're looking for and can't find, just ask!

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