Friday, February 22, 2013

art & wine promenade in northwood village - west palm beach, florida

join sharonna misha designs / johnny's girl ultraVintage at northwood village's art & wine promenade!

stop by for an artist truck show & boutique wine tastings while enjoying live entertainment all along the way...

it's Tonight and You're invited~ hope to see you there!!


for more information and to invite your friends: click here


Thursday, February 21, 2013

in honor of black history month...

i just wanted to share this incredible, sophisticated, whimsical "Harlem toile" by sheila bridges that celebrates african-american culture.
i just Love it!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fresh - a perfectly curated collection for Spring!

my one-of-a-kind cupcake stand is included in this wonderfully curated collection, just in time for spring!!

have a look!  click here for Fresh 

Friday, February 15, 2013

my happy valentine's day!!

hope everyone had a happy day yesterday!!  
i thought i'd share my happy story and i would love to hear yours, too!  did you get a valentine surprise?  feel free to reply with it ♥

my husband and i went to a 'Breakers' restaurant called 'Top of the Point' for dinner.  guess what?  we went on the 13th as we don't prefer large crowds and slow service- we think it was a good choice!  ...if you would like a review of the food, just ask!
then, on the 14th, i finally got my Cartier watch.{!}  my husband and i exchanged cards in the bedroom and then he went to get himself a beer and a glass of wine for me...  i decided to go get it myself and, everywhere i went in the house, there were roses!  i walk into the dining room and there's a bouquet of peachy pink roses on the table along with a plant called 'polka dot'- do you know that one?  so cute, the leaves are all light pink and green!  then, I walk into the kitchen and i see another bouquet of red roses on one countertop, turn around and see a bouquet of white roses on another countertopKiss mark

so excited for the Opening Night Preview Party of the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, & Antique Show tonight!!

The 10th Anniversary of the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, & Antique Show is a five-day art event that  features more than 180 international galleries and offers a curated blend of fine art, jewels and antiquities.

This year’s Opening Night Preview Party (February 15) will benefit Hope For Depression Research Foundation.  

Of course my husband and I are excited to sip champagne and graze on hor d'oeuvres, but i am also hoping to find a special little shiny piece, too!!
Thank you to our benefactor for providing us with exclusive VIP tickets- you know who you are! ;)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine inspired finds!!

Perfectly Feminine Chunky Statement Necklace with multi layer metal chains and haute charms

to purchase: click here

Multi Charm Multi Chain Necklace in bronze, brass, copper..

$ to purchase: click here

coral, red, and gold 2 strand upcycled necklace
with gems

to purchase:
click here

beaded necklace
wear year-round~ will look great with your swimsuit, but the colors are perfect for fall, too!

to purchase:  click here

Swarovski Heart on turquoise beaded Necklace

to purchase:
click here

i Love Rock n Roll
multi layer chain necklace w. custom charms

to purchase: click here

one of a kind original by smd

$ to purchase: click here

butterflies with heart locket on 2chains
to purchase:
click here

locket and handcuffs do open!

$ to purchase: click here

happy valentine's day everybody!!

Dixie Pickins Market!!

so we had our last event on saturday, february 2nd and it was a beautiful day!

Dixie Pickins is growing and we also now have a 'likeable' facebook page for our market- check it out!:  DixiePickins

for those of you who don't already know...Dixie Pickins is an open air marketplace featuring:
•original local artwork
•handmade jewelry
•home decor
•recycled, upcycled and repurposed finds
•properly distressed vintage and relics from the past

we now have our spring 2013 schedule line-up- hope you can come!!

in the meantime, here are some photos from february's show- enjoy!!