Tuesday, August 2, 2016

raising the bar- every home needs a bar cart

"every home needs a bar cart."  I always say this.  it's a party on wheels!
here's ours.  we turned an old mid century gardening cart into a bar cart.  I love the patinaed brass detailing on it and the fact that it has wheels makes it mobile so we can move it around to suit our entertaining needs...and it's contents/display are ever-evolving.

here are some "moody" bar carts.  what I love about the first one: the bandana, the lamp, and the portrait/framed art.  you'll notice that a lot of bar carts in this post have a lamp on them- so cozy!

what I love: the colors, the blue glass, displaying the crystal glasses, the flowers, {the lamp}, the art, and flowers- you'll notice that a lot of these bar carts have flowers on them; this one is via domino mag

I also love a bar tray, especially a freestanding one, which I believe is also called a butler's tray.  this one is by Badgley Mischka via elle decor.  note the lovely candlestick:

this is my favorite bar tray of the post, because of it's campaign styling:

and here I just love the painting hanging above it:

another lamp...

you'll notice that some of these are brass bamboo, a very popular style for bar carts {which I love}.  here are some more... this one shows another great {and functional} styling idea- swizzle sticks!

on this one I LOVE the greek key detail!!:

the books are a great idea!!

a variation of style...

honestly, just had to include the next two b'c of the pink:

truthfully, I'm not digging the curved lines...

*loving* the preppy style of these:

check out this sunny yellow chinoiserie one styled by Scot Meacham Wood

prefer blue?

a snapshot of more preppy/lilly styling with fun, bright accessories via a southern state of mind

topiary idea...

an overflow tray...

celebrating or decompressing with a bath?  good thing most bar carts tend to be mobile; it could also be used to stock extra towels, etc.:

a little nautica on the bar cart for the coastal homes!

had to include this one b'c of the wallpaper, truthfully, but candlesticks are another good idea:

short on space?  how about turning something like this slender gardening cart into your bar cart?  would love to see something like this in the corner of a room- especially a kitchen or bathroom!!  via dot & bo

and, speaking of other uses, how about rolling one into the guest room when you have visitors for any items you'd like to provide to them for their comfort?
how about the classical use of a tea cart?
how about setting up a coffee station on it?
have kids?  stock it with healthy drinks and snacks that they can help themselves to especially during summer vacation or when they have friends over?

whatever the use, bar carts serve as self-service stations freeing you up to do other things, entertain, be present!

the end.

Friday, November 27, 2015

a modern, native-american-inspired, intimate friendsgiving tablescape

I've been saving these Nate Berkus banded arrow dishes for thanksgiving and I finally got to use them!  I just thought the arrow motif was perfect for the holiday.  the black and white gives it a modern twist.
{click the photos to view available pieces for sale!}

likewise, I did a black and white arrow background for the place cards- which read grateful, peaceful, thankful, and blessed {instead of names}, and on one side of my reversible 'give thanks' banner {see below}. 
I used a vintage feather print scarf instead of a runner and antique silver trays as chargers, which I left patina-ed which gave them a more rustic look...

each place setting was a little different.  *most* place settings got a horn handled knife, which we are always collecting so if anyone has any leads...  all got a different feather.


my husband, the chef, cooked a perfect dinner...

...and antler charms, too!

lastly, i recycled the banner i made last year- one side is craft paper and the other side is a different font with my arrow background, which can be viewed here 

happy thanksgiving, everyone!  feel free to leave {kind} comments!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

wishing everyone a safe, healthy, sweet, and happy new year!

rosh hashanah apple centerpiece . sharonna misha designs  

Friday, November 28, 2014

black friday panic?

hope everyone had as good a thanksgiving as we did!  here are some of our homemade decorations...

...when you're done with black friday lines, traffic, and chaos- or, if you're ready to skip it altogether- and ready to shop from the comfort of your home, sharonna misha designs / johnny's girl vintage is ready for you with special sales in holiday, home decor, jewelry, vintage, and original artwork- something for every person on your list- check it out!!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...and remember to Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!
feathers and arrows are the Perfect accessories for Thanksgiving so I've curated this collection of Great finds that you can wear year round- enjoy!!

  click here to view!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome! Pineapples are a show of Hospitality!!

pineapples have long been a symbol of hospitality.  the display of pineapples, often seen in architecture and design, is a way to tell your guests "welcome"!
I have always loved this symbol and have them throughout our home.  as well, my husband and I decided to use the pineapple motif on our wedding invitations {which we collaborated on and designed ourselves} as a welcoming gesture to our guests, but, also, because we think they are beautiful and regal and represent where we're coming from since we live in a tropical place.  so, we thought a pineapple would be perfect. ☺

back to our home, though...  as I was gathering photos for this post I thought to myself, we actually have a lot more pineapples around than I realized {we even have slightly more than what I have pictured here}.  they must be discreet, though, because no one has ever come to my house and said, "hey, I see that you collect pineapples" as they do with other items we have a lot of... interesting, huh?  anyway, here they are!:

on the tea towel on our bar cart and as part of a flower arrangement {in the 1st photo}:

here they are in the flower arrangement again...

this is actually a candle.  it's on a sconce in our hallway:

...we have 2 of these candles; the other one is on our mantle:

right outside our home!:

this is a finial that I painted and screwed into an old lamp base, I liked both pieces better this way ;)

here it is unpainted:

it's the base of a lovely marble top side table- too bad you can't actually see how beautiful the marble is in these photos:

this is a pineapple lamp that I made, you can see how I did it here

and here's the proof of our invites!