Friday, August 30, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake! party

dear diary, i am so exited.  my sister will finally be here for the 1st time next month and it's her 50th birthday!!  we have lived here going on three years now so it's about time she came- don't you think?

i am starting to compile ideas for her birthday dinner, which my husband and i will be hosting!  what do you think about these ideas / inspirations?:

layering up the china, beautiful pink flowers, and statuettes

pink depression glass holding treats/for serving desserts

sandwiching cookies cakes or macarons and berries or fruit

DIY labels and ribbon via the crafting chicks

marie antoinette cake topper

labels for table and desserts...

cake stand servers, milk glass, pennant banner...

...see a theme starting to develop?  don't even have to plan these things, they always just end up coming together ☺ as i'm reviewing and editing these ideas, i have a lightbulb moment!  wanting to do a 'pink party' was secretly for me {actually, i wanted to do pink and green- so palm beach, but it's my party}...  but my sis' favorite place in the world is paris and she LOVES versaille and provence, basically anything excessive and decadent and provincial- what could be more perfect than a marie antoinette/let them eat cake theme?!!  and i still get my pink- LOTS of it!! ♥
i still even have a crystal parfum bottle in the shape of the eiffel tower that we put at her table at our wedding- that'll tie in all my crystal- perfecto!  {or parfait}.
i will 'modernize' it a bit with a little paris circus influence since our family rode the ferris wheel and the merry-go-rounds together there!!  i LOVE this flag idea!!  
and, of course, i'm going to have to add some of newly-painted, very coveted animals- i'll probably swap out giraffes for some pumas or something..., along with fabric flowers on the cake!:

marie never would have frowned upon too many cakes.
more ideas to follow...  xoxo

follow up:  okay so it all worked our beautifully.  at practically the last minute i remembered that i had bought a mini porcelain antique 'marie antoinette' bust that i was planning on giving her anyway- a lovely cake topper!  then, my neighbor dropped off a surprise {he had no idea about any of this}- but he just happens to drop off a pair of flocked damask curtains with chandelier silhouettes on it.  isn't that so marie antoinette?  didn't i tell you everything ends up coming together?
so here is the dessert cart that i put together for her, using one of the curtains as a tablecloth:

have you ever seen anything more beautiful?  these are 
cheesecake cupcakes!! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dixie Pickins August 31, 2013 | it's what to do This Saturday in West Palm Beach!

Love unique gifts and finds?  come to Dixie Pickins Market Saturday, August 31st, for our LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZA where you'll find the Perfect mix of Quality Handmade Jewelry + Housewares and Incredible Vintage Finds!!
DIXIE PICKINS is "the Perfect way to spend an afternoon... Treasure hunting... in good company!!!!!"

join your friends and neighbors and grow our community by supporting local artists and small businesses!
{p.s. for Vending info, please email:}
join our event page!: DIXIE PICKINS EVENT PAGE
feel free to invite all your contacts through that page as well as 'like', post, print, tweet, blog, share...both the event page and the flyer above☺

looking very forward to seeing you all saturday! 
xoxo, sharonna misha designs