Thursday, March 27, 2014

congratulations to nate and jeremiah - why this means so much

nate & jeremiah - nate berkus is now engaged to jeremiah brent and their love is really beautiful {see photos below!}.  jeremiah previously worked for rachel zoe finally giving her, her family, and her wardrobe the backdrop they deserved.  so, in a way, this is a merger of my design icon and my fashion icon {in a little roundabout way!}!  
this also means a lot to me because they are both starring in banana republic ads - on billboards and bus stops - all across NYC in which their love is prominently displayed...  that breaks barriers and, as nate said, a little girl saw the ad and said to her daddy "that's just like you and daddy."
hearing that brought tears to my eyes.
would love to hear more of their story...  
i know that nate loves so passionately, as any good designer would, and i love to see them both so happy...  mazal tov, nate ♥

Thursday, March 20, 2014

happy 1st day of spring!!

{for bird nest, click here
for cupcake stand/bird nest display, click here}

Sunday, March 2, 2014

the red carpet begins!

yay for today!  oscar day begins with a continuation of my favorite red carpet pics {continued from hereas more red carpet fashion- past and present- is revealed on E's Countdown To The Red Carpet: The 2014 Academy Awards.  i will do my best to keep up with it and post faves here {no promises, though, as i get so sucked in sometimes i lose all track of everything else!}

gorgeous lupita

green is always a favorite of mine and, speaking of which, olivia wilde...

gwyneth paltrow

actually, any of these "sparkel n' plunge" numbers from elie saab's spring 2012 collection would have been a perfect red carpet choice:

loving Kerry Washington - she looks incredible!

lupita does it again!

one of my favorite moments of the night:

i only wish that everyone who had gathered around made it in- it was a GREAT shot and an exceptional moment!