Sunday, March 2, 2014

the red carpet begins!

yay for today!  oscar day begins with a continuation of my favorite red carpet pics {continued from hereas more red carpet fashion- past and present- is revealed on E's Countdown To The Red Carpet: The 2014 Academy Awards.  i will do my best to keep up with it and post faves here {no promises, though, as i get so sucked in sometimes i lose all track of everything else!}

gorgeous lupita

green is always a favorite of mine and, speaking of which, olivia wilde...

gwyneth paltrow

actually, any of these "sparkel n' plunge" numbers from elie saab's spring 2012 collection would have been a perfect red carpet choice:

loving Kerry Washington - she looks incredible!

lupita does it again!

one of my favorite moments of the night:

i only wish that everyone who had gathered around made it in- it was a GREAT shot and an exceptional moment!


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