Friday, June 28, 2013

art & wine promenade!

join sharonna misha designs + johnny's girl vintage at the art & wine promenade this friday night!!
WHAT: art & wine promenade
WHEN: friday, 28 june · 6:30pm - 9:00pm
WHERE: 400 - 500 northwood road, w. palm beach, fl

stop by for an artist truck show & boutique wine tastings while enjoying live entertainment all along the way...

it's this friday evening and you're invited~ hope to see you there!!


'like' f/sharonnamisha designs and enjoy 10% off select items with mention of this invite at sharonna misha designs/johnny's girl only!
really hope you'll make it
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Monday, June 17, 2013

thanks, rachel zoe!

now i haven't read rachel zoe's book, but i did learn a great style trick from her that i'll bet isn't in there- wearing my engagement ring on top of 2 other rings.

i used to 'sandwich' or what i call 'bookend' my engagement ring between my wedding band and whatever other ring i felt like at the time, it goes in phases {lately, it's been my triple rolling ring}.  i did this not only because i love chunky jewelry, but because my engagement ring is a bit too large for my finger and i feel like the ring on top helps keep it in place- although the diamond still spun around my finger all day every day and that drove me a bit crazy...  {the reason it's not exactly the right size for me is another story for another time but let's just leave it at that my knuckles are huge and my fingers are skinny}.  
recently, i noticed that rachel wears her engagement ring on top of a diamond band and a triple rolling ring and, since i wear mine with a diamond band and a triple rolling ring, i decided to try wearing mine on top, too...
the moral of the story?  if you, too, have large knuckles and want to keep your ring in place, stack 2 rings under it so that it sits on top of the larger part of your finger- closer to your knuckle, like a booster.  i Love it!!  and i Love how it looks, too.
if you would like to see how i used to wear it, click here

are you asking if i copied her with the rolling ring too?  no, i did not.  not that i wouldn't, but anyone who knows me knows that cartier -and even sometimes 'cartier inspired' {i don't have rachel zoe cash}- is my favorite.  classic and timeless.  it really is a coincidence that, aside from our engagement rings, we both wear rolling rings together with a diamond band {although i believe hers is an eternity band...maybe someday...}. 
oh, by the way, i recently learned another thing that we have in common:  we both go by first and middle names only.  i didn't know that zoe was her middle.  so, that too, is a little coincidence.  
and we both studied sociology and psychology in college- and both in the DC area!
i've been watching her show the rachel zoe project.  i really like it.  i'm kind of hooked.  i can't always identify with her- for instance, we don't at all have the same taste in interior design- but there are some things we have in common...  {besides just the jewish background, the huge, highlighted hair...}
both we and our husbands share the grateful dead background, which i find is so hard to find among people who care about couture as much as we do.  so it's nice to hear someone who loves all the fashion houses at least as much as i do talk about that.  it is such a part of me, such a part of our family and our household.  and the couture, well, that is something i grew up with and it's just in my bones.  i'm the only one i know who sits at fashion shows and literally get so emotional that i cry.  with real tears.  like three at a time sprouting.  i can't stop it.  i got like that the 1st few times i watched the sex and the city movie too, and part of that was just because of the fashion...  on some level, we definitely both share a gut-wrenching, extremely consuming love for the things that we love -we never just kind-of care about things, i think.  that includes vintage, too.  i always prefer something with a story which is how i ended up with the diamond in my engagement ring.  my husband and i scoured the country {i'm not exaggerating} for an estate piece and finally found my, at the time, 50 year old diamond which we had set.  it is still one of my proudest pieces.   
but back to rachel, i really admire her work ethic and her success.  i realize that my business cannot begin to compare with the success of hers, but we both are entrepreneurial proprietresses of our own fashion-infused businesses that we are passionate about {and that sometimes frustrates our husbands, but also makes them proud!}.  
...mine may not be a name everyone recognizes, but, back when i lived on the road, i used to get recognized in every state i traveled to- and that counts for something, right?  and, i am able to make a living doing what i love without having to work for anyone else and i like that. ☺

thank you, rachel, for teaching me something new!  hope that you'll give us a shout the next time you and rodger are in palm beach- i can really see our husbands getting along and we can all listen to the grateful dead together ♥ 

Friday, June 7, 2013

yay for monogrammed nails!!

ever since i was a little girl, i have always, always Loved personalized things.  probably because it was so rare that i had any with a name like mine... 
because of this, along with the fact that i love classic, preppy, and southern styles, i have always, always Loved Monograms!  ...and circle monograms are my favorite ♥
the first time i ever saw monogrammed {toe} nails, i was in love.  but i didn't know where to go to have my own done and figured it would cost a fortune {i assumed they were meticulously and professionally hand-painted}.  
imagine my excitement upon learning that they are self-adhesive decals and way affordable!!  now, i can have them whenever i want- which is all the time! 
it makes me so happy just to look down and see them ☺, i am very excited that i can now offer them to you, too!!
they are offered in 2 sizes -.35 or the standard .40 font- come as a complete kit with everything you need -more than enough to do all your fingernails and toenails {12} as well as a bottle of clear topcoat to seal them~
they also come in a choice of 18{!} colors!! 
to purchase, click here: 12 small monogrammed nail decals
or here: 12 standard monogrammed nail decals