Friday, June 7, 2013

yay for monogrammed nails!!

ever since i was a little girl, i have always, always Loved personalized things.  probably because it was so rare that i had any with a name like mine... 
because of this, along with the fact that i love classic, preppy, and southern styles, i have always, always Loved Monograms!  ...and circle monograms are my favorite ♥
the first time i ever saw monogrammed {toe} nails, i was in love.  but i didn't know where to go to have my own done and figured it would cost a fortune {i assumed they were meticulously and professionally hand-painted}.  
imagine my excitement upon learning that they are self-adhesive decals and way affordable!!  now, i can have them whenever i want- which is all the time! 
it makes me so happy just to look down and see them ☺, i am very excited that i can now offer them to you, too!!
they are offered in 2 sizes -.35 or the standard .40 font- come as a complete kit with everything you need -more than enough to do all your fingernails and toenails {12} as well as a bottle of clear topcoat to seal them~
they also come in a choice of 18{!} colors!! 
to purchase, click here: 12 small monogrammed nail decals
or here: 12 standard monogrammed nail decals


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