Thursday, January 17, 2013

today was all about design... just for me! ♥

yesterday was all about selling on etsy and artfire- and even destashing a bit on ebay- and it literally took me all day to package and get my orders out.  {and a little bit of today, too}.  so, today, i allowed myself to enjoy pinterest and pinned personal things for my home, my husband, and myself!
then, guess what happened when i checked the mail?  my town & country subscription came today!!  it was the icing on the cake.  just wanted to share this with you and maybe inspire you to take a personal day once in a while, too ☺

p.s. because i got to pin all morning, i was a good girl and i {finally} made my dental appointment and looked into a couple long-needed medical appointments as well such as getting a mammogram. 
well, i couldn't be all decadent all day and it's such a relief just to make the appointment, isn't it?
people- don't desert your health, please

Sunday, January 13, 2013

style sunday!

watching the golden globes red carpet is inspiring me to do an installation of style sunday - though i'm not going to be so literal as to do gowns...  just some loves and inspirations ♥

classic look with a punch- timeless, but still looks trendy

more red jeans...everyday look with a punch - i just put in my order for these {high waisted!} skinny jeans; khloe live in technicolor! 

go-to outfit...almost any boots will do! 

add a scarf for instant style- it brings up the whole look

i'm "recycling" this look - you may remember it from my tassel blog - i still love it and i'm still trying to find a blouse like this...

another blouse i need

classic outfit - i'm recycling this look from my tassel blog, too!

houndstooth blouse with tie - been looking for you!

classic blouse

gingham blouse

light blue blouse - another 'go to' piece

blazer i need 

blazer i need again...

more blazer... these all fit so well in the arms- know what i mean?  i loathe a baggy arm and i always have problems with that because i like a very tailored - sometimes structured - look.

supremely preppy chic

timeless chanel inspired jacket - great fit

some variation of this outfit will do...

okay, so maybe just a few gowns... 
i always love this one so much!
love emerald green... and i love christina applegate, too

style for underneath, too- nautical lingerie!

some of my all-time favorite shoes:

lilly pulitzer- just a knotty little wedge

michael kors seaport t-strap {which i'm still looking for} 

 my sperry palomas, which i have 4 pairs of- in three colors- and are my most favorite comfortable shoes - wore them all over europe on my honeymoon!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

today's project was a monogrammed lampshade...tutorial to follow!

you know when you get an idea in your head and you just have to do it?  that was this project for me today.  and i just had to get these photos up...tutorial to follow when i have a bit more time!! ☺