Thursday, September 29, 2011

tassels- not just for shoes anymore

okay, so what's the deal with tassels? such a relatively small decoration detail that instantly transforms whatever you put it on.
if you think about it, just putting a tassel on something instantly makes it seem regal.  we can all do it.  it's not like we can't afford tassels but they still just seem so fancy!
they probably date way back, too, and maybe that's part of it. 
you can adorn So many things with a tassel:
keys, chairs, doorknobs, frames, mirrors, lamps + chandeliers, armoires, windows...we even have some on our bar cart!
you can make a belt out of a tassel, a tassel fringe or garland, or a tassel necklace.
put a tassel on a xmas tree as an ornament...

and if your purse didn't come with a tassel, put one on it yourself for that boho chic look!

more pictures to come...  I have to go make something now...