Thursday, February 2, 2012

navy is my new gray

gray was my new black but that was fleeting-  less than 6 months later, navy became my new black and there it stayed.

maybe because gray has been too overdone.  very likely because gray is neither here nor there and i need more powerful colors- black, white, pale pink... and i still love charcoal.  that's the best shade of gray.  it makes a beautiful, sophisticated impact.  so much to say about charcoal...  for more, see our charcoal bedroom here:  My color of the moment is Gray

but, anyway, back to navy:  navy is timeless, classic, elegant, nautical- so it still works here in south florida, preppy, masculine- in an elegant way for femmes too! -in a truman/roosevelt/hemingway kind of way...
we painted our bathroom navy with bright white crown moulding, and a dark wood 'medicine cabinet'- it wasn't really supposed to be a medicine cabinet, we repurposed it and it worked beautifully.  just the other day, my husband said to me, 'that's still one of my favorite of our finds.' 
i haven't photographed the WC yet because it still isn't finished- we have yet to find and add a strip of dentil moulding below the crown {harder to find than we expected!}- but, when we do, ill be sure to post pics right away!!
in the meantime, i only have a photo of another one of our cool, old finds that we've hung in there:

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