Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy new year!!

hope that everyone had a beautiful new year!  here are some photos of how i styled our bash:

i wanted to do only metallics of gold and silver so we made a large mirrored tray out of an old mirrored frame and my husband cut a piece of mirror to fit inside...  we used old trophy cups to hold silverware and such:

i found the word 'cheers' in gold and in a font that i liked on pinterest and i printed it out on ledger sized paper {using my husband's printer so it would be large enough} leaving some of the black background around it so that it would show up better against the mirror.  

p.s. you saw those long gold trumpets?  those were my husband's yard sale find, apparently rare to find them that long anymore {and they still had the tags on them!}.
see those lovely limoges plates?  those were bought at a thrift store that morning for a song {TWO bucks!!  can you believe it??!!} and it came with 9 small plates -in *perfect* condition- a gravy boat with underplate, and a cup + saucer...  by the way, that's 22 carat gold on the rims... 

ready for our guests!

my husband, just because he's cute... 

happy new year!! 

the end.

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