Tuesday, September 17, 2013

tip for tuesday! hang a rod inside a utility cabinet for spray bottles - perfect for under sinks!!

quick tip i wanted to share with you- if you haven't done this already, a rod in your under the sink cabinet is so helpful for getting spray bottles out of the way and much easier to grab without digging through or knocking other bottles down!!  this is something you can do yourself!
almost every time i reach for a spray bottle in the cabinet under my sink, i end up knocking down other bottles that are in my way.  so, i was very happy to find this simple but so great idea...  i got this idea from cybermema who got this idea from Cook's Country Magazine- it didn't take my husband very long to do at all and, within seconds, things look a bit cleaned up and functions so much better for us!  such a great use of all that wasted space above and makes it so much easier to grab what you need- check it out!

the idea {that i had actually pinned a year ago, i don't know why we waited so long to do this!} called for using a tension rod, but we didn't have one hanging around- and we did have a few extra small curtain rods kicking around that we weren't using.  so, my hubs drilled a small hole at each end and used them to hang the rod onto small gold hooks that he screwed into either side of the cabinet...  
i Love a simple but good idea and i thought you would too! ;)

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