Thursday, August 4, 2011

okay, so i'm back!  i'm So ready to be back.  actually, it's what i need.
where have i been since November 2, 2010?  i was moving into my house, taking care of my mother (suddenly and unexpectedly), and planning my wedding and getting married!
all HUGE.  
truthfully, i was in no way prepared for what that meant.  for about 5 months, i basically didn't work on anything else (including my job) except for the wedding.  but, even though it was my (our) first time planning a wedding, everything went off without a hitch.  no pun intended...  and we pretty much did every detail and every extra detail ourselves.  from the vision to the planning, etc. 
well, i could go on and on about that, and i'm happy to answer any questions if i can, but that's enough for now.  i could actually be a wedding planner at this point but what i need to get back to is my house- my 86 year old lovely spanish/mediterranean beauty that we have only had for 8 months- and my businesses- sharonna misha designs, collages by sharonna misha, and johnny's girl.
from this day forward, this blog will be about both the house and the business, with a little bit of wedding and other personal stuff thrown in, i'm sure.  i hope you enjoy it as much as i do- if you stick around, you will watch my empire grow!! ♥

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